Monday, 22 October 2012


It was with great excitement that I drove over the wild moors of Dartmoor to the house of a girl I had only met once.  Only a few weeks back had she called to see if she could come and print fabric with me and we had ended up concocting this plan that entailed me following on from my order of fabric and dyes to her more roomy house in Dartmoor.  So, you see I didnt really know what to expect, I was rather full of trepidation, but excited to at long last be giving fabric printing a go.  The results were wonderful....after a few days of hard graft - lino cutting, dye mixing, preparing fabric, experimenting, daring to wash the fabric, eating well, talking non stop - we were there...we got results and I was oh so delighted with mine.  I feel completely exhilarated to know that I can do it from my kitchen table....I want to do more, but of course I am now back at home with all the restraints of a young family (and my ever growing 6 month bump).....  I had planned to make our curtains, but now I wonder whether to chop the fabric up and make cushions to sell at the Christmas Fairs...hmmmm.

Here is a pictorial story of my epic jaunt to Widecombe-in-the- Moor