Wednesday, 30 May 2012


A quick little post before I really MUST go to bed.  My daughters 5th birthday naturally she woke up at 5am!!  I had to make 2 cakes - one for school, one for tea here....I am not a baker, so this was taxing!  After the house had been strewn with wrapping paper, we were still late for school even though we started at 5am. Meal requests: pizza for lunch and spaghetti for supper - its a deal..easy for me, more time to decorate cake.  We gave Lani face paints so thats what we do this afternoon - me included - the things you do to make your children happy.  Algie was painted as a tiger, I really think he thinks he really is one now - didnt tell him it all came off in the bath.  Friends for tea, cake devoured, another cake delivered by other friends, so next cake devoured...spaghetti time - tomato sauce everywhere...Bath time, stories, ahhhh they have gone to dream land...  Phew - still got  a wedding to edit...400 more pics to go...nearly there. Got to go to sleep, in case they wake at 5am again...time to post on my blog?  Am I mad? But who can resist sharing these with the world? Lovely lovely raoul textiles  Oh and did I add that I printed several meters of wallpaper for a friend this morning, ohhhhh yes - here it is, its going to look lovely..HAPPY DAYS

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


You may be a bit surprised by my new shade of colour here - verging on red?!?...I was!! We cant chase pink all our lives.  As I was making my daughters cake today - a strawberry and rose cake with pink icing, I realised (and boy did I panic inside) that I had run out of red food dye...but (and this shows shes growing up) Lani said, dont worry Mummy, I really love yellow too.....phewy!!!!!  Perhaps I will follow this with a dedication to yellow...

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Phew - what a weekend it was...the launch of mollybydesign and what a great reception we received.  We thought the stand looked fab and it seems you shoppers did too....I revelled in the caught words of 'ooh how beautiful', 'wow, so pretty', 'what lovely fresh colours' and so on - it was quite simply 'marvellous'.  Here is a picture of the stand...

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Hand Sale

Heres a little update...wouldnt want you to be devastated that you missed it!!


Here are some terrible, but rather arty shots of the work I have done this morning - I think its time I upgraded my phone for one with a better camera in it!


The inspiration for all things colourful and blcok printed just keeps coming....