Tuesday, 20 May 2014


It was a total treat and I set off with a slightly guilty backward glance at my desk which is currently weighed down by bills, forms that need filling, emails unanswered and so much other paper work that I can barely find my computer….I have now pushed it all aside so that I could post, with sheer delight, one or two images from my lovely morning at Walnuts Farm.

A morning tour followed by lunch was the agenda and I was rather pleased that the tour wasn't a 'look this way, look that way, watch out you'll miss this'…but more of a 'take your time and soak up our lovely surroundings'…  Walnuts is first and foremost a home and a way of life, belonging to Bella and Nick and their two daughters.  They were literally opening their doors to their life and what a lovely one it is too.  Beautiful surroundings, a productive garden, duck, geese and fowl, a few lambs a couple of pigs; not too much, but just enough to keep them really busy and I should think really satisfied.

We dined on delicious cake and coffee and then lashings of pea and garlic soup for lunch - completely yum and immensely wholesome - the whole morning was.  It really was the dream come true, idyllic, inspiring, but I think to Bella and Nick an ongoing challenge, extremely hard work and I shouldn't think they sit around much like we did today as there must be a constant TO DO list - a bit like I have at my desk, so here are the pics - I am getting back to work!