Sunday, 8 November 2015


So, we are up and running and our small but perfectly formed little Pop-Up is open for business.  My own little shop.  Quite frankly, its heaven.  We all played shop when we were children and really this is no different, well apart from the fact that real money is involved, but otherwise, its the same.  Deciding where to put things, welcoming people in, feeling pride as our lovingly made items are admired and then completely elated when a sale is made.  I dont think anyone lingers at the shop window more than I.  I adore seeing all our treasures through the glass.  The amount of time I have ogled other shop fronts and so its with complete pleasure and slight disbelief that this time it is mine. I have cunningly shared the space with Mr Smith, a master of the Letter Press.  Cunning for two reasons, one because he can man the shop when I cant be there and two because his prints work perfectly with all my things and I think bring an air of sophistication to all the pink touches that I simply cant resist.  We make a good pair and its been a delight to team up, and create this A-Z of Pattern & Print.  The shop is open for 26 days of November and as there was a strong alphabetical theme going on over at our neighbours Pentreath & Hall, it seemed fitting.