Wednesday, 30 May 2012


A quick little post before I really MUST go to bed.  My daughters 5th birthday naturally she woke up at 5am!!  I had to make 2 cakes - one for school, one for tea here....I am not a baker, so this was taxing!  After the house had been strewn with wrapping paper, we were still late for school even though we started at 5am. Meal requests: pizza for lunch and spaghetti for supper - its a deal..easy for me, more time to decorate cake.  We gave Lani face paints so thats what we do this afternoon - me included - the things you do to make your children happy.  Algie was painted as a tiger, I really think he thinks he really is one now - didnt tell him it all came off in the bath.  Friends for tea, cake devoured, another cake delivered by other friends, so next cake devoured...spaghetti time - tomato sauce everywhere...Bath time, stories, ahhhh they have gone to dream land...  Phew - still got  a wedding to edit...400 more pics to go...nearly there. Got to go to sleep, in case they wake at 5am again...time to post on my blog?  Am I mad? But who can resist sharing these with the world? Lovely lovely raoul textiles  Oh and did I add that I printed several meters of wallpaper for a friend this morning, ohhhhh yes - here it is, its going to look lovely..HAPPY DAYS

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