Sunday, 16 March 2014


Maybe it was the coming out of the darkness into this beautiful Spring light that we have been so blessed with over the last few days, but I suddenly saw my home in a new light today.  By home I mean where I was born, where I was married, where I grew up…where I have known for 38 years now and where very little has changed in this time.  This is a comfort, a feeling of safety, a very good thing.  I took a stroll with my little boys this morning and couldn't resist documenting the short journey around the gardens.

How lucky I have been to have had this as a constant in my life.  And then having felt inspired the journey took me inside and I realised where so much of my inspiration comes from….its all around me, always has been, my mothers creations (the arty stuff), my fathers creations (the stuffed animals!!), all the ephemera that they can't bare to be parted with!  I could barely put my camera down.  Here is that visual journey….

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