Thursday, 24 July 2014


So the other day Rollo and I went on a glorious Lavender walk.  No we hadn't popped over to Provence we were half an hour down the road in Sevenoaks…I never knew that there was this purple haze of lavender growing on acres of land around here.  We had a wonderful walk with Jod Mitchell who has taken on his family business (5th generation) at Foxbury Farm and is slowly converting what was once orchards (which have had their time and are no longer so viable) to fields of fascinating plants and herbs with which he is making delicious beauty products.

Well not only was the day a wonderful break from the norm, but Jod kindly offered some of his lavender for the lavender bags we are making.  So once the harvest was in we were able to go and help ourselves to all the lovely bits that the machine has missed.  They say many hands make light work….so we thought we would take the children too…..and actually…they were helpful enough!
Well done team Mahon; the car was soon consumed by the thick aroma and what with its soporific qualities... made for a very peaceful journey home!!


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