Sunday, 5 February 2012

Peggy Angus

My blog would not be complete without a mention of Peggy Angus, a total inspiration to me. Her hand block printed wallpapers were amazing and their beauty is so timeless, fitting right in with any new interior of today. I am about to go and study her lino cuts more at the local archives, but in the meantime I am enjoying her biography 'Art for Life' an incredible book which was hand printed and supported with a portfolio of her works. My interest in her has been concreted by the fact that she lived very near here and that the author, Carolyn Trant lives so close, in Lewes. When I was searching for a copy of the book I managed to make contact with Carolyn who kindly invited me into her home to see her own copy. To have made such a close contact with this talented lady only makes my interest grow and I am sure that future designs will be heavily influenced by her - well I hope so anyway! Here is just one of her designs, which is currently being used by a fabric company and selling successfully.

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