Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sisterly love

I have just had my (younger) sister to stay for a few days which not only mixed up the normality of our week, but came as a great blessing to me as Lani was ill and I needed another pair of hands. It was heaven having her here, I miss not having my family around more often, we all live so far apart and its the most natural thing when they are here, so thank you Em for hankering down with us during this cold snowy period. Em is becoming a photographer worth knowing about and so in celebration of her marvellous website I am showing some of her photographs. As a double celebration I have chosen the pictures she has taken of my other sisters house and work; she is an interior designer and a very good one at that! So here for all of you out there that can appreciate style, colour and composition is a bit of 'sisterly love'.

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