Tuesday, 25 September 2012


So, people get there kicks in different ways, I get mine out of browsing a fabric show and oohing and ahhing over all the lovely colours and patterns that I see.  Most inspiring.

My highlights had to be Penny Morrisons stand - watch out, one day I will be there too...but we also (I was with my 2 sisters) went to visit Soane ooh, so lovely, so sophisticated, so expensive!) and Raoul Textiles and it is always so lovely to see the charming Jean (Sallys son) in the shop.  I simply adore everything she does and have added yet more samples to my collection - one of which will become our new bedroom curtains, only how to choose which one!!
Another highlight was bumping into Marthe Armitage and her daughter - they seemed to remember me and we had a lovely chat - my sister happened to have one of her postcards of an interior that she had photographed, that my other sister had installed, that had MA wallpaper!!!
We also went and listened to the utterly bonkers Kathryn Ireland talking.....most enjoyable, because she is bonkers, but also because it was reassuring that she was 'one of us', she has worked hard to get to where she is, but as long as one has a little style and confidence then there is no reason why we cant do it too......(you may question my style when looking at my pink tights above!!!!).
So with a weighted bag and very sore feet, I returned to Sussex having had a very very enjoyable day....maybe next year I will be there with my own stand !?!?!

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